Nikon D780 For Dummies

  • Chapter 1: Exploring the Nikon D780’s Controls
  • Chapter 2: Setting Up the Nikon D780
  • Chapter 3: Working with Nikon D780 Peripherals
  • Chapter 4: Automatically Capturing Great Photographs
  • Chapter 5: Specifying Image Size and Quality
  • Chapter 6: Using the Tilting Monitor
  • Chapter 7: Creating Images with Live View
  • Chapter 8: Recording Movies with Live View
  • Chapter 9: Getting the Most from Your Camera
  • Chapter 10: Using Advanced Camera Features
  • Chapter 11: Shooting Like a Pro
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Nikon D780 For Dummies provides Nikon D780 users and owners with in-depth knowledge and practical advice about how to get great shots with their powerful camera. Written by professional photographer Doug Sahlin, this book gives quick and convenient answers to Nikon D780 users’ most frequent and pressing questions.

Nikon D780 For Dummies Book

Nikon D780 For Dummies covers the topics you’ll need to get started with your new D780 camera. The book includes clear guidance on topics like:

  • Exploring the Nikon D780 body
  • Getting to know the settings options
  • Seeing results from auto modes
  • Taking control of exposure
  • Looking into lens options
  • Using the flash effectively

Written in the straightforward and pragmatic style known and loved by For Dummies readers around the world, Nikon D780 For Dummies is perfect for people just starting out with digital SLR photography as well as those who know their way around a camera.

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